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Helping Violent Teens Recover Without Prison Time

Juvenile offenders, both violent and non-violent, are often sentenced to serve in the same prisons as adults. In an adult prison, teens face a distinct disadvantage. Teens and children in adult prisons are more likely to become victims of violence and are more likely to commit suicide than their adult co-inmates.

Alternatives, such as behavior modification schools, help to address the root causes of juvenile crimes while providing the teens with a safer, more productive environment. Treatment programs offer children and teens a wide range of benefits, including the ability to diagnose and treat any physical or mental problems that may contribute to delinquent behaviors.

Alternative programs offer benefits that range from treating substance abuse and mental disorders, such as ADHD or depression, to providing the tools needed to finish high school. These benefits may not seem important, but to a teen with little hope for the future these treatments provide the foundation for a brighter future. Troubled teenagers programs are available in a variety of settings, including programs that integrate religion into the core treatment plan.

For instance, Christian boarding schools for troubled boys offers religious services to kids and teens. Along with learning about religious topics, children in the program learn the basics of communication and develop their interpersonal skills while in treatment.

Developing good life skills is incredibly difficult for teens to accomplish in an adult prison, says Woodcreek Academy. Teens are often isolated in adult prisons, which further hinders interpersonal skills, and adult prisons cannot offer the intensive training and skill-building sessions that teens need for a successful life after committing a crime. With the right juvenile treatment program, rehabilitation is possible without resorting to adult prison sentences.